Top Countries to Travel

The world is full of beautiful places and people. Every country has its own specialties, lifestyle, language, culture, food and much more. Traveling is a factor that mostly depends upon the individual choice of a person. People while finalizing the travel destination, characterized the places in many different ways. Some may like to trek on mountains whereas others may like to take sun baths at the beautiful beaches. Few are a group of people who just travel to get a break from their regular routine and others may want peace of mind. So, traveling and finalized destination is sole discretion. Let’s make a list together of a few countries to travel: –


  • Spain: Spain is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The country is full of fun as there is music, delicious food, nightlife, marvelous beaches and much more. The country has diverse culture and landscapes hard to find anywhere. There are several wonderful places to visit in Spain such as Santiago-de-Compostela known for its religious traditions and history, Toledo earlier Spanish capital till 16th Century known for its historic art and Roman Empire architecture.  


  • Australia: known for its diversity, it has from beaches to mountains, wildlife to vineyards, theme parks, ski resorts, etc. It has the most happening city like Sydney and the most peaceful place in Perth. You can enjoy romantic gardens in Melbourne and historic royal building in the Capital Victoria. Its top most specialties are the kangaroos. You can enjoy from happening nightlife to wildlife centuries and national parks. It even has diversity in its climate. You can experience snow covered mountains in winter in South Australia whereas you can enjoy the heat of summers in the northwest region.


  • India is one of the top destinations to witness the diversity. In India, you can see different cultures in many different states of India. India has beauty at its best. You can visit the snowy White Mountains in the Himalayas as well as sea shore and back waters in Kerala. Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and South India are well known for its diverse flavors. You can witness the diversity in the cultures of different states. You can visit Taj Mahal in Agra one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Goa is well known for its night life and Chandigarh being for the peaceful and well-planned city of India. Rajasthan is famous for its historic culture and handmade art and craft. You can enjoy the freezing low like -20 degree Celsius in Siachin and scorching heat of 45+ degrees Celsius in the summer days in most of the northern India. But at the same time in a Southern part of India, it has a moderate temperature.


  • Canada: is world’s second largest country. It has celebrated its 150th anniversary. You could experience the scenic beauty of Canada from lakes to white snow covered large areas. It is well known for its scenic beauty and hot trending destination in all the music videos. Canada has a very less population density and most of the immigrants and refugees are easily welcomed. Canada is the best place for those who love the winters most. It has most freezing temperature and road, trees and everything covered with white snow most of the time. You can enjoy sunny days in summer too. Here, in Canada, there are large numbers of natural lakes with crystal clear fresh water. You can enjoy the most amazing scenic beauty of Niagara fall.