Cruise Tips

If you’re looking to travel around while always being entertained, taking a cruise is the way to go. Not only is it a good way to sightsee at a variety of locations relatively cheaply, but the cruise ship itself is usually full of things to do and delights to take in. However, if you haven’t been on a cruise before, trying to figure out everything associated with taking such a vacation can be daunting, even if it’s a short cruise. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your first cruise like a pro, and save money while you’re at it.

Cruises seem like they’re out of many people’s price range for a vacation, but it’s important to note that there are ways to save money on tickets and the experience as a whole. First off, pay attention to when you’re booking a cruise. Ticket prices can be especially reactive to demand, so when a lot of people are taking their vacations with a cruise line, expect tickets to be more expensive. If at all possible, try and schedule your cruise when most people aren’t going to them; while school is in session, for example, many families with kids won’t be booking cruises so you can hopefully snag a cheaper ticket. If you’re not keen on tracking cruise prices yourself, there are also sites that will aggregate prices for multiple cruise lines, and even send alerts to you when prices drop beneath a certain threshold. Many of these types of sites will allow you to customize exactly what parameters are acceptable to you to go on a cruise, so you can sit back and wait for your dream cruise to go on sale.

Saving money doesn’t stop with trying to get a cheap cruise ticket. There are lots of expenses on a cruise that can be minimized. For example, what you drink on the cruise can get very expensive. Alcoholic drinks are the most expensive, being extremely limited with what you can bring on board or outright banned from being brought with you. You can help to mitigate this by searching for a cruise line that is more lenient with bringing your own alcohol (some will permit a bottle of wine or champagne), or by buying a drink package. If you plan on drinking alcohol while on your cruise, it is probably best to buy a drink package. While paying the full amount for all your drinks up front might be intimidating, it’s much cheaper than paying per drink, as the markup for drinks served on an individual basis can be extremely high. The same general principle applies with soda and even bottled water: if you can, bring your own, but otherwise get a package if available. Not having to worry about prices when you’re thirsty can make a cruise much more enjoyable than counting out your budget yourself any time you order a drink.