Countries Worth Traveling

  • Uganda: is one of the well-known countries for its wildlife centuries and national parks.  You can be able to see three horn Chameleons to iconic mountain Gorillas. You will be amazed to see a large number of wild elephants. The government there always tries to boost tourism by improving its infrastructure regularly. You can enjoy spending with your black Buddy “Gorilla”. There is a special track with Gorilla. Where you can enjoy your time spending for the watch and observing each and every move of your wild black buddy – Gorilla. Uganda along with Tanzania and Kenya is always being promoted by their government for its wildlife and scenic beauty.


  • Turkey: is well famous for its culture, lifestyle and non-vegetarian food. The Turkish people love the non-vegetarian food so much that they even garnish vegetarian recipes with non-vegan toppings. If you are a vegan and planning to visit turkey, you would end up getting bread toast with cheese, salad, and soups only. Rather you must memorize a few of their vegetarian dishes and ask to avoid topping it with non-vegan in each and every restaurant. This way only you will get something to eat other than salad, soup and bread toast. Some of their vegetarian dishes resemble Indian dishes like Pyenir to Paneer (Cottage cheese), Pilaf to Pulao, Gozleme Patata to Aloo parantha, Kuru fasuliye to Chickpeas or kidney beans, etc.


  • Portugal: is well known for its village life and art scenes. Ancient art and handicraft are like an old jewel for Portugal. People of Portugal are too friendly that you could not resist making them your good friends. Food and wine in Portugal are available at very affordable prices and you could not resist enjoying their local food and wine. Porto and Lisbon are the two very famous cities to showcase the culture, life style and history of Portugal. Red wine, smoke meat and freshly baked bread with olives and cheese are the common breakfast served in Portugal. Portuguese are well known for serving simple yet delicious food.


  • Austria: after visiting Austria, you will forget to visit its neighbor country Switzerland. It is well known for its alpine sceneries and its beautifully cultured rich city Vienna. It has many beautiful world-class museums, Wiener schnitzel, cobbled quaintness, etc. Austria rejoices the glory of elegant, good and peaceful lifestyle. It is famous for its former grandest empire of the Europe. Salzburg is known for its urbanization and Graz and Linz is less known for their culture, vitality, and innovation.