Why you need to travel more often

Travelling – the very word has a lot shades embedded in it. The perspective differs from individual to individual. While the ones who are hell-bent to work, and are workaholic, would exemplify traveling by picking up office trips to please their bosses. The entrepreneurs, on the other hand along with the business heads would do justice to the word, by picking up indulging in business trips all over the globe to augment their turn over.

However, to common man, who is downtrodden by the rigors of the daily life would have an altogether difference meaning of the word – travel. To him, traveling means taking time off from the daily schedule and going for a long drive to his cottage in a quiet suburb and spend the weekend. Or may be for him, travelling means taking a long leave and visiting a beach and relaxing on the bean bags and enjoy the sunshine. He may also chill out in a rocky hamlet somewhere in the Oklahoma and enjoy the greenery of Aspen. Now coming to the very purpose of this page – why on earth do we need travelling more often? There are so many reasons behind it.


All work and  no play  make Jack a dull boy

So that is the old saying, as it goes. It is true that with every passing day, the struggle for survival is getting more and more intense. There is too much jostling for too little space that people race for, for better living. This struggle takes the better of us and drains us out psychologically. We start losing our intellect, temperament, and our very zeal to lead healthy life. In order to make ourselves feel comfortable, we sometimes need artificial stimulants like boozes and sedatives.  

These, in the long run, do not good to our system. Against this backdrop, travelling IS the best medicine. It helps take the mind off from the work station, and the daily rigors thereof, and helps the mind, body and spirit to relax. Hence, short trips at regular intervals go a long, long way in keeping our mind, body and spirit in a healthy state for long. This increases the zeal to work more efficiently, and give the productivity a shot in its arm. Hence, it is good from the professional point of view.


‘Your world’ is not enough

Every individual on this planet has a world that is very much of his or her own. That is the comfort zone that gives them a lot of self esteem. However, that is not enough for fine living. There a world, well beyond that, which is full of varying culture, ways of living, people from different social, cultural, economical and political backgrounds, with varying habits and habitats, and on different cuisines. The more you travel, the more you interact with these people, and know more about their cultures, habits and habitats. This experience enriches your mind and body, and refreshes you in an amazing way. It reflects in your attitude when you get back to your daily routine. Besides, this freshness gives you a new lease of life that makes all the difference.


It is rewarding when you walk out of your comfort zone

This is more applicable for those who love travelling along instead with family and friends. Sometimes, this may sound scary, more so if you are traveling to an inhospitable place. However, believe me, traveling along can be one heck of an experience. Coming out of your comfort zone and taking up the trouble to go to alien places and talk to strangers, reaching the destination in minimal hassle, getting yourself to a proper shelter, arranging foods – all these accumulate into to one ‘good thing’, which teaches you lessons and guide you to things that that are trivial and hitherto unnoticed. All these help in the making of the ‘man’ you are looking to be. Moreover, it helps you to make new friends, and who knows, help you in better ‘opportunities’ in various aspects of life!